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Munchkin is the name of an American company, which specializes in designing and producing babies and kids items, which are innovative and creative. The company was established in 1990 in California and today it operates globally via its seven offices on all the continents and the website.

Meaning and history

Munchkin logo

The Munchkin logo, which main part is the lettering, looks strong and very modern, despite the use of a very intense and diverse color palette, which could look too childish if approached in a wrong way. The logotype is accompanied by a very small graphical detail, which is used by the brand as its icon for websites and mobile applications.

The Munchkin logo is composed of a wordmark with a barely visible tagline in light gray. The logo is usually placed on a white background, so the multicolor wordmark looks fresh and friendly.

The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a bold modern sans-serif typeface with rounded contours and straight cuts of the lines. The typeface is very similar to such fonts as P22 Bayer Universal and Quinoa Round Ultra Bold. The only graphical element of the logo is a small red heart, replacing the dot above the letter “I”.

The heat is placed horizontally and form a right angle on its left, looking like the capital “L” and standing for “Love”.

Under the main lettering, there is an “It’s the little things” tagline in light gray cursive. The inscription in the lowercase adds tenderness and elegance to the whole visual identity and evokes a sense of caress and attention, loyalty, and trustworthiness.