MSC Logo


The term “MSC logo” can refer either to the logotype of the Mediterranean Shipping Company or to the emblem of its part, the MSC Cruises company. They look different, but have one element in common.

Meaning and history

logo MSC

MSC Cruises was established in 1960 in Italy under the name of Lauro Lines. At first, it owned only two vessels. Today it is the biggest privately owned cruise firm in the world with more than 16 thousand employees and offices in over 42 countries all around the globe.

Cruises symbol

MSC symbol

The visual center of the logo is the name of the company given in two lines: “MSC” in bigger letters and “Cruises” below in smaller letters. On the left, there is a compass, inside which an insignia representing the short name of the company is placed. The compass is divided in two parts by a stylized wave, with the letter “M” positioned above it and the letters “S” and “C” below.

Mediterranean Shipping Company emblem

MSC emblem

The logo of the Mediterranean Shipping Company includes blue letters on the yellow background. It consists of two parts: the monogram and the wordmark. The monogram is the same as the one used on the MSC Cruises symbol. Below it, there is the full name of the company in capitals.


Font MSC Logo

The typeface featured on the MSC Cruises symbol is a clear, traditional serif one. The Mediterranean Shipping Company logo also features a highly legible font, this time without serifs.


Color MSC Logo

Both the logotypes share the same shade of dark blue. Yet, the second color in each of the palettes is different: yellow for the Mediterranean Shipping Company logo and white for the MSC logo.