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MrPhoneDeals is a global online retailer of smartphones, which specializes in reduced priced items and special deals. The company works closely with all the leading courier services to enable a fast and secure international delivery of their orders.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online smartphone retailer is traditional for the industry. The company’s logo is composed of a simple wordmark, set in two levels, and an emblem, which demonstrates the profile and purpose of the platform’s products — connecting people.

The emblem consists of a thick rectangular frame, located vertically, with its angles rounded. Inside the frame, there is an image of a handshake. This friendly symbol is executed in light blue and placed in a white background, accompanied by a blue frame.

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The color palette of the visual identity is a reflection of reliability and trustworthiness. Blue also symbolizes professionalism and protection, while white points on the retailer’s loyalty to its customers.

The wordmark, placed in the right of the emblem is executed in the same blue color, which makes the whole logo balanced and neat, showing the fundamental approach of the company and its traditional values — quality, good service, and responsibility.


The wordmark of the e-commerce platform is written in a traditional sans-serif typeface with bold sleek lines and classic shapes. The letterforms are executed in a font, which is pretty close to Coco Gothic.

The simplicity of the inscription accents on the company’s professionalism and authority, while the boldness of the lines represents the retailer as progressive and energetic.

MrPhoneDeals Logo

The nameplate in light blue looks fresh and light, despite the solid lines and traditional shapes.


The European online retailer of smartphones has a good reputation among its customers and offers a wide range of phones of various brands at competitive prices.

The e-commerce platform’s catalog includes hundreds of phone models from such big manufacturers as Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and Google, offering the latest developments and classical items.

The company offers a secure payment system via credit cards and fast international shipping through the retailer’s partners, the world’s leading delivery service providers, such as FedEx, DHL, and EMS.