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Chic Me is a global fashion retailer, which operates through the online store and serves customers all over the globe. The company is known for a wide selection of women’s clothing and footwear available at affordable prices. The online store’s catalog includes more than 100 thousand items.

Meaning and history

Chic Me Logo history

Chic Me is a fashion e-commerce platform that caters to women’s clothing and accessories. It specializes in providing high-trend pieces at affordable prices. The company is known for leveraging social media trends to determine its product offerings.

Over the years, Chic Me has positioned itself in the fast fashion space, continually adapting to shifting consumer tastes and the rapid movement of fashion trends influenced by social media.

Chic Me’s business model appears to be structured around the dropshipping paradigm, where products are made to order and shipped directly from manufacturers to customers, a common approach for online-only fashion retailers that allows for a wide variety of products and reduces the need for physical inventory storage.

2015 – 2022

Chic Me Logo Logo 2015

The visual identity of the Chinese e-commerce platform is a reflection of its purpose and nature. The monochrome logo with a graphical element replacing the letter “I” is unique and memorable.

The company uses two variants of color scheme — black lettering on a white background and white inscription in black. They both look strong and modern, showing a professional and confident retailer.

The only graphical detail of the company’s visual identity is a lady’s silhouette with her legs crossed and her arms behind her head. The lady is wearing a mini dress and high heels, which represents the style of the garments, available on the Chic Me website.

The silhouette replaces the letter “I” of the nameplate and is higher than all the letters of the inscription.

2022 – Today

Chic Me Logo

The characters are black against a white background, and the font is modern and sans-serif, with clean lines and a sleek, uncluttered appearance. The overall effect is a stylized and sophisticated logo that conveys a sense of chicness and modernity.


The wordmark with “C” and “M” capitalized is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Futura, but with the letter “E” placed diagonally, which adds a unique feature to the visual identity, making the logo recognizable across the globe.

The font features thick straight lines and distinct ends and edges of the letters. The neat contours of the letterforms evoke a sense of seriousness and authority of the company, creating a sense of reliability and loyalty.


Chic Me Logo

The global fashion retailer is very popular across the globe due to the wide variety of products and affordable prices. Chic Me selection includes more than 100 thousand of various dresses and beachwear items, and adds more and more every day, which allows them to run constant flash sales.

There are large sections of shoes, sleepwear, and lingerie, along with homeware and small kitchen appliances. The company aims to make its platform a one-stop shopping destination for customers across the globe, expanding its assortment and improving the quality of service.

The e-commerce business offers worldwide delivery and secure payment systems, along with a 24/7 online customer support.