Most Famous Logos in White

Most Famous Logos in White

White color is a symbol of purity, simplicity, and freshness. In human perception, it symbolizes simplicity, perfection, impeccability, honesty, and integrity. It is a neutral color that is often used as a background to highlight other colors. Additionally, white is a popular color for healthcare, technology, and luxury brands.

When white is used in a design, the logo becomes simple and clear. Since simplicity and clarity have become the new trend in logo design, its use has become especially relevant. Many brands also use it to show that they care about cleanness, openness, and creative thought (blank slate).



The Barq’s logo is one of the examples of a white logo. To show that the drink has a refreshing taste and reflect that this is a good, non-alcoholic drink choice, the designers went for a white color.  They added a black outline to allow the inscription to stand out on any background.


Batman Logo

The white color used for the Batman illustration stands for the fact that Batman’s intentions are always good. He fights the bad guys. At the same time, there is a black background to hint that the way he achieves his goals might not always be so good.


Crocs logo

This logo appeared in 2006 during the rebranding. The combination of white and black was the brand’s intention to take a fresh approach while being loyal to its history. It allowed the company to create a neutral image and build a completely different impression of the brand.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University Logo

The logo of the university would not look as grand and impressive if it were not for the color choices. The white serves as a neutral color, allowing the deep denim shade to stand out and create a timeless image. It also makes all the intricate details clearly visible and distinguishable.

Bored Panda

Logo Bored Panda

The panda is naturally black and white in color. Thus, the presence of this color allows to create a natural and rather plain image. The designers did not add any other colors to create a relatively “boring” image and stay true to the name.

Versus Versace

Versus Versace Logo

The combined use of white and black makes logos beautiful and timeless. It is often chosen by luxury brands, including Versace, for its impeccability and everlasting attractiveness. It was the white color that enabled the designer to create an image of perfection.


Mini Logo

This logo also features white accompanied by black. Although the logo was designed relatively recently, the color scheme shows its loyalty to the classic design and the brand’s heritage. It shows that the Mini Cooper is simple, yet perfect in all its small details. The lightness it gives the logo is also a good match for the wings.


Versace Emblem

The white color in this luxury brand’s logo serves as a neutral base. It allowed the designer to use an emblem with intricate elements and have each detail clearly visible. In addition, the black-and-white combo has long been a classic, timeless choice that creates a powerful and sophisticated image.

White Claw

White Claw Logo

The white is present in the name, so it is not surprising that this color was chosen for the logo. The white color also communicates that the brand was inspired by the power and purity of the ocean waves. It shows that one can feel totally refreshed after a bottle of White Claw.


Wikipedia logo

The white color of the emblem shows that the resource does not discriminate and is culture-independent. It creates a blank slate image and invites everyone to contribute. The white represents purity, neutrality, and objectivity, making Wikipedia a trustworthy source of neutral and objective information.