Mossberg Logo

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Mossberg is the label of a shotgun manufacturing company, which was established in 1919 in the United States. Today the company is well-known and distributes its products worldwide.

Meaning and history

The Mossberg visual identity is a tribute to the brand’s legacy and history. Named after its founder, Oscar Frederic Mossberg, the company boasts a bright logo, based on the Swedish flag.

The oval emblem with a bright blue background features a yellow Nordic cross and the outline of the same color. The famous Nordic Cross is a commonly known symbol of Christianity.

The Mossberg wordmark is written in blue on a horizontal Cross’ bar. It features an old-style elegant serif typeface and all the letters on the inscription are capitalized. The first “M” is enlarged.

Mossberg Logo

The three yellow crowns are placed in the upper right part of the blue field. They represent royalty and courage, as well as unity.

The Mossberg logo is a celebration of the company’s origin and its founder. The bright color combination reflects the brand which values heritage. It evokes a sense of stability and quality, as well as security and confidence.

Today the company also uses a monochrome palette of black and dark gold, when placed on the branded products. The Mossberg badge looks sleek and modern with its field colored gold and made three-dimensional metal. A true piece of art.