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Miss Sixty is a fashion brand, specialized in casual and jeanswear. The brand was established in 1991 in Italy and today has its stores all over the globe. The company is part of the Trendy International Group and is headquartered in China.

Meaning and history

Miss Sixty Logo history

The Miss Sixty visual identity is bright, fresh and young, a perfect representation of the brand’s audience’s spirit and tastes.

The Miss Sixty logo is a perfect representative for a young fashion brand, which aims to give its customers maximum comfort and quality in trendy collections with bright patterns combine with classical denim.

The Miss Sixty visual identity is brave and timeless, it reflects the brand’s essence and character — passionate, saucy and progressive.

1991 – 2003

Miss Sixty Logo 1991

2003 – 2019

Miss Sixty Logo 2003

2020 – now

Miss Sixty Logo

The Miss Sixty wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a bold geometric sans-serif typeface, which is slightly italicized. The lines and inclination of the in-scription reflect the progressive and futuristic approach of the company, showing its value of style and innovations.