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Mini In The Box is a Chinese online retailer of gadgets and small electronic devices, which also offers fashion items and accessories. The main feature of this e-commerce platform is bargain wholesale prices, which make all the goods in the e-store’s catalog more than just affordable. The company offers worldwide delivery.

Meaning and history

Mini In The Box logo

The visual identity of the huge e-commerce platform is vivid and stylish. The logo, composed of a simple wordmark and a colorful emblem, looks fresh, bright and eye-catching.

The minimalist approach is here in everything, but it doesn’t make the company’s logo boring and usual. The emblem of the online retailer is composed of a horizontally placed rectangle, which is formed by many sort vertical lines, each in different colors.

The palette of the logo consists of dozens of shades of red, green, blue and yellow. All the stripes have also different thickness, which makes the emblem looks like a bright barcode.

The logo looks funny and friendly, evoking a sense of happiness and energy and showing a progressive and creative company, which aims to provide its customers with the best selection of items at affordable prices.

The colorful emblem is balanced by a classic gray inscription, which is placed under it. The nameplate balanced the logo, making the e-commerce platform look serious and stable, the one that values loyalty, quality, and safety of their clients.


The wordmark of the online retail platform is executed in a light and elegant sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Nimbus Sans or Europa Grotesk fonts, with their thin clear lines, evoking a sense of freshness and harmony.

The lightweight inscription evokes a sense of loyalty and responsibility of the e-commerce platform and makes the whole logo look sophisticated and delicate.


The Chinese e-commerce platform offers one of the largest selections of items in all the possible categories available online. One of the leading e-commerce companies, MiniInTheBox has its warehouses in Asia, Europe, and the USA, which makes it possible to ship the orders to almost every corner of the world.

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The company’s catalog has thousands of items in such categories as clothing and accessories, mobile phones and cases, baby and kids products and garments, home and kitchen appliances, smart gadgets and small electronic devices, along with beauty goods and pet products.

There is also a wide assortment of items in the sale section, where you can find a high-quality item and save up to 90% on it. The company constantly runs various discounts and special deals in order to show how they value their customers.

The website has a flexible payment system, which is very secure, it also offers a fast-tracked shipping across the globe and has a 24/7 online client support available on site.

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