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MICAS is an online fashion destination that champions the well-being of women through fashion. The brand encourages experimenting with personal style as a means of fostering confidence and resilience.

Meaning and history

With a diverse team of globetrotting designers, MICAS offers unique, trend-tapping garments crafted with precision and quality. Committed to social responsibility, the company focuses on sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes, ensuring that each style is produced with attention to detail and respect for the environment. MICAS not only provides fashionable clothing but also supports its workers, creating a positive community that extends to its satisfied customers.


Micas Logo

The logo is a bold, black typographic representation of the word “MICAS”. It features a modern, serif font with strong, sharp lines and a solid grounding. The letters are capitalized for impact, with the ‘M’ and ‘S’ slightly taller, giving it a balanced yet dynamic feel. The ‘C’ stands out with a stylish, elongated tail that swoops beneath the other letters, adding an element of elegance and fluidity. This minimalist design conveys a sense of sophistication and chic, reflecting a brand that is both contemporary and classic in its appeal.

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