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Miles & More is a loyalty program, extended by the German airline Lufthansa. The essential feature is that customers who fly with Lufthansa can accumulate ‘miles’, which can be then redeemed for tickets. There’s a special system to that, and besides just buying tickets, you can also upgrade them or even receive gifts.

Meaning and History

Miles & More was introduced in 1993, when loyalty programs started becoming popular in the airline business. Lufthansa owns the program. Consequentially, you can receive bonus miles from flying with them and then redeem the bonus only for their services, which includes full free flights, if you have enough miles accumulated.

1993 – today

Miles & More Logo

The M&M logo uses the same style as the Lufthansa logo. The name in this logo uses the same semi-grotesque sans-serif font with dark blue letters. It may be a standalone design or be displayed in conjunction with the Lufthansa logo itself (smaller, right below the main logo’s right side).