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Unlike many other video bloggers, Enzo Knol managed to turn his name into a personal brand and a commercial project. Now, he sells a variety of products with the bright Knolpower logo.

Meaning and history

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Enzo Knol became famous as a video blogger on YouTube, but now he is also a voice actor. He was born in 1993 and published his first film on YouTube in 2013 following the advice from his older brother Milan.

Half a year later, he published a film in which he broke his arm as the result of an unsuccessful bicycle stunt. Due to the video, the number of his subscribers rocketed and reached 400,000 by the fall of 2014. It was then that newspapers and even TV programs started to invite him for an interview.

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In 2015, he took part in the cartoon De Notenkraak as a voice actor. His filmography also includes Angry Birds: De Film – Chuck, which was released in 2016, and Verschrikkelijke Ikke 3, which was released in 2017.


Knolpower symbol

The Knolpower logo is simple, yet distinctive and instantly memorable. It also gives a hint as to what sphere its owner works in.

There’re large letters “K” and “P” (for “Knol” and “Power”) with unusual ends, which resemble feathers. However, the most characteristic part is the top right end of the “K” – it forms a hand, over which a camera can be seen, something without which Enzo Knol probably wouldn’t have become so popular.

On what kinds of items is the emblem used?

Knolpower emblem

The range of products is based on clothing and items used at school, from schoolbags and bags for the gym to notepads, pencils, caps, pajamas, hoodies, tees, and scarves. There’re a lot of items you use every day, including eyeglasses, mugs, and cell phone cases. The emblem is also placed on some sports items, like tennis rackets or footballs.


In addition to the primary “KP” logo, Enzo Knol’s merchandise also uses a wordmark insignia. It features the word “Knolpower” in a script type imitating handwriting.


Knolpower logo

The most widely used version of the Knolpower logo is the one where the “KP” emblem is red, while the background is black. The merchandise also includes items with the black logo on the red or white background, as well as the red logo on the white background. On the one hand, the variations of the color scheme are limited so as to preserve the distinctive brand identity. On the other hand, Knol can’t sell only items with the same palette as it would reduce the range of products dramatically.