Del Monte Logo

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Del Monte Logo

Del Monte is an American food brand, which was established in 1886. Today the company is one of the largest players on the USA market of canned and processed food production and distribution and also exports its goods to Asian and African countries.

Meaning and history

Del Monte Logo history

The Del Monte brand has a rich visual identity history. The first logo of the company was designed in 1892 and comprised an ornate shield with a handwritten wordmark in cursive. This elegant logo stayed with the brand for almost twenty years and was changed in 1909 to a colorful version.

The red and yellow color palette of the 1909 Del Monte logo is still in use today, just the deep green is added. The shield was modernized again in 1960 and its refined shape is the one we all can see today.

Resembling a tomato, red Del Monte emblem has a thick yellow outline and is placed on a green background.

The lettering in white features an old-style typeface with a gothic feel, with looks smoother due to the green outline and shadow. The tagline “Quality” is written in a thin white cursive.

Del Monte Logo

The Del Monte logo is bright and instantly recognizable. It looks remarkable in the brand’s packaging and bright and co disentangle on printables and websites.

The Del Monte visual identity is a tribute to the company’s history and heritage and a reflection of its passion and power.