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YMCA LogoThe Young Men’s Christian Association, which was founded in 1844, now has over 2 billion beneficiaries.Most versions of the YMCA logo feature the triangle, which represents the slogan “Spirit, mind, body”.

Meaning and History logo

YMCA Logo history

The original logo, which is now the emblem of the World Alliance,got the official status only 26 years after the Association had been established. Each of the five segments of theemblem represented one of the continents. The names of the continents were separated by little monograms, while in the middle, there was the Chi Rho monogram.Over the christogram, the Holy Bible was placed.

Evolution symbol

YMCA symbol
The iconic red triangle appeared on the emblem in 1891. It was suggested by Luther H. Gulick.
In 1985, the triangle was combined with the old World Alliance insignia. In 1897, the emblem was simplified, leaving only the triangle and the word “YMCA” over it. The first logo focusing on the letter “Y” appeared in 1967.

2010 emblem

YMCA emblem
The current emblem reflects the fact that the Association is now more often called just “the Y.” However, the word “YMCA”, in smaller letters, can still be seen on the logo. The signature triangle is also there, although it looks different than its predecessors.


The simple san serif typeface is supposed to create an active and welcoming image of the organization.


Color YMCA Logo
The current YMCA logo offers a variety of color options to match thecommunities the Y works in.