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One of the world’s best-known lines of cosmetics, Max Factor was established in 1909 under the name of Max Factor & Company. Today, it is part of Coty, Inc.

Meaning and history

While the overall style of the Max Factor logo has been pretty much the same over a considerable period of time, you can notice a couple of comparatively subtle updates.

Logo Max Factor

In the current version, the large stylized “X” follows the name of the brand, while in the previous version, it stood right in the middle of the wordmark. It replaced the “X” in the word “Max.”

The glyphs have been updated, too. The most notable alteration can be seen in the “F” – the playful middle element of the previous design has been replaced by a regular horizontal bar. The list of less noticeable alterations includes the elongated ends of the “C,” for instance.