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Mary Cohr is the name of a cosmetics brand, which was established in France in 1975, and offers its clients from all over the globe professions-care products for facial and body care, along with a SPA line, suitable for both salons and at-home use.

Meaning and history

Today Mary Cohr brand is owned by the reputable French company Guinot-Mary Cohr. It offers a variety of beauty salon treatments and skincare products, along with other labels of the group, Guinot and Masters Colors.

The success of the brand was not surprising, as it was founded by two professionals. Mary Cohr was a legend in the French beauty salon industry, while Jean-Daniel Mondrin — was a talented pharmacologist. The experience of both merged into the brand of the effective and high-quality brand, that became famous first in France and later in the whole world.

Logo Mary Cohr

Mary Cohr creates its skincare products based on natural ingredients and in perfect harmony with nature. The brand’s products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients or preservatives.

Because Mary Cohr is a professional cosmetics brand, its products are distributed exclusively through beauty salons on the recommendation of a beauty therapist and can not be bought in physical stores or online. This is a policy of the brand — you have to use the right products to get the needed effect, and only a specialist in cosmetology can choose it for your skin.

What is Mary Cohr?

 Mary Cohr is a French brand of professional cosmetics for the face and body, which was established in 1975 by Mary Cohr, who at that time was the vice president of the French Association of Beauty Salons and advisor to the Ministry of Education, and Mr. Jean-Daniel Mondin, Doctor of Pharmacology.

In terms of visual identity, Mary Cohr is both progressive and conservative. Conservative — because the brand still uses the logo, created decades ago, progressive — because for the times the logo was designed it was bold and unusual for the industry, using interesting geometry and color combination.

1975 – Today

Mary Cohr Logo

If the Mary Cohr logo could speak, it would probably say “natural” and “elegant.” The natural impression comes from the color, which is close to the color of the leaves you may see in many forests. Also, it comes from the soft, clean lines of the glyphs.

The wordmark consists of two parts: the lettering “Mary Cohr” on the top and the word “Paris” in smaller letters below. The inscription has an elegant touch due to the refined, delicate serifs. The closes font to the one used for the Mary Cohr emblem is, probably, Baker Signet Std Roman.