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Martinair is a well-established airline that primarily operates in the cargo and charter flight sectors. The company is currently owned by the Air France-KLM group, a leading aviation conglomerate. Martinair serves various destinations globally, focusing on cargo transportation and specialized charter services. With a reputation for reliable and efficient operations, Martinair plays a vital role in the global logistics industry, catering to the transportation needs of businesses and organizations across different continents.

Meaning and history

Martinair Logo history

Martinair is a Dutch airline that was founded in 1958 by aviation pioneer Martin Schröder. Throughout its history, Martinair has achieved significant milestones. It started as a charter airline, operating flights to popular holiday destinations. In the 1970s, it expanded its services to include scheduled flights and cargo transportation. The airline developed a strong presence in the cargo sector and became a major player in the global air freight industry. Martinair introduced innovative cargo handling techniques and played a crucial role in the transportation of perishable goods, such as flowers and seafood.

In recent years, Martinair has undergone changes in its operations. It shifted its focus primarily to cargo operations and phased out its passenger flights. Today, Martinair operates as a subsidiary of Air France-KLM Group, specializing in cargo transportation. The airline operates a fleet of freighter aircraft and offers services to various destinations worldwide. Martinair continues to be recognized for its expertise in the transportation of specialized cargo and remains an important player in the global air cargo industry.

What is Martinair?
Martinair is a Dutch cargo and charter airline that operates worldwide. It was founded in 1958 and has since grown into a reputable airline providing services for both passengers and cargo transportation. With a fleet of modern aircraft, Martinair offers a range of services including scheduled flights, ad-hoc charters, and specialized cargo operations.

1958 – 1971

Martinair Logo 1958

The first logo of the Dutch Airline Martinair was designed. 1958 and stayed active for longer than a decade. It was a bright geometric emblem with a vertically-oriented rectangle in a striped pattern of red, blue, and white, and a white oval in the center with bold blue “MAC” lettering on it.

1971 – 2004

Martinair Logo 1971

The redesign of 1971 introduced a new concept of the Martinair badge. Now it was a red emblem placed above the bold blue lettering in the lowercase of a traditional sans-serif typeface. The wordmark was slightly shadowed. As for the emblem, it was formed of three slanted red lines with the first one elongated, making an arrowhead pointing to the left.

2005 – now

Martinair Logo

In 2005 the logo was refined, removing all the volume and shadows from the composition, and placing the red emblem on the left from the blue lettering. The contours of all elements were cleaned up and strengthened.