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Tunisair is the name of the main Tunisian air carriers which was established in 1948 and started its operations a year later, in 1949. The airline is based in the Tunis-Carthage International airport and has its flights to more than a hundred destinations all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Tunisair logo

The air carrier from Tunisia has been using one and the same logo for the whole history, since 1949. And this is why the emblem of Tunisair is widely recognized not only across the country and African continent but all over the globe.

The Tunisair logo is composed of a dark pink horizontally stretched rectangle with white elements placed on it. The graphical part of the visual identity is set on the left of the banner, with the two-leveled inscription on its right.

Tunisair emblem

The emblem of the airways is an elegant silhouette of a deer, drawn with numerous thin white horizontal lines, and some of them are also gated to the right, creating a sense of movement and speed. This graceful animal is also known to be a symbol of peace and regeneration, showing the company’s character and values — its customers in the first place.

The upper line of the wordmark is set in Arabic and followed by the Latin name of the company, placed under it and written in all capitals of a modest yet bold and strong sans-serif typeface.

The combination of pink and white is pretty unusual for the company connected to flights and speed, though it symbolized passion and energy and makes the badge of Tunisair stand out in the list of its competitors, which is delightful and memorable.

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