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Marie Claire is an international monthly magazine for women, founded in 1937 by Evelyn Provost. It was first published in France, but is currently distributed in 35 countries and 24 languages. Marie Claire covers everything from news and careers, to fashion and social issues.

Meaning and history

Marie Claire emblem

The Marie Claire logo doesn’t look like other fashion magazines’ logos. Its masthead is executed in sans serif font similar to Heroine Pro and is situated at the highest point of the layout, remaining unobscured by the focal photograph.

It’s style emerges and speaks directly to its target female audience. The Marie Claire logo is elegant and intelligent, which perfectly matches with the magazine, covering the most important for every woman topics.

Marie Claire logo

As an emblem for digital media Marie Clair uses a black circle with its white wordmark on it. It looks very stylish due to the color contrast and typeface’s fine clean lines.

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