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Lincoln Financial is an American insurance services provider, which was established in 1905. Today the company is one of the Fortune500 lists with almost 10 thousand employees and annual revenue of about 16 billion USD. The group provides not only insurance but also investments and asset management services.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is a tribute to one of the greatest figures in the American history — Abraham Lincoln. The famous insurer’s logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark on its right.

The emblem is composed of a burgundy square with rounded angles where the white profile of the 16th American president is placed. The contour of the Abraham Lincoln’s face is turned to the right and is instantly recognizable due to his unique traits.

Logo Lincoln Financial

The burgundy, black and white color palette of the company’s logo is a reflection of power and sophistication. The scheme represents high class society and seriousness, along with energy and a thoughtful character. White, being the main color of the corporate emblem, symbolizes loyalty and purity.


The wordmark of the logo is composed of two levels which use two different styles. The upper level contains “Lincoln” lettering, which is colored burgundy and is executed in a bold traditional serif typeface, which is similar to Tyrnavia Regular for Lincoln. The inscription is underlined by a thin burgundy line, under which the bottom part of the wordmark is located.

The “Financial Group” inscription is executed in a smaller size, using a clean and minimalist sans-serif font, which is Neue Frutiger. The tagline is written in black, which balanced the burgundy and white combination and adds a sense of professionalism and authority.

Lincoln Financial Logo


Established at the beginning of the 20th century, today Lincoln Financial Group is one of the Fortune500 companies, which offers a wide range of financial and insurance solutions and services for individual customers.

The company, headquartered in Philadelphia, serves clients all over the United States and the United Kingdom with the help of almost 10 thousand employees in the group’s numerous offices.

The main segments of the company include life insurance, retirement plans, annuities and group protection services. The most popular product of the group is life insurance, which is available in three options: term life, permanent and variable universal life.

The Term Life insurance range from 5 to 20-year limits with various additional riders available. The Permanent plan offers also a cash accumulation value and is fully customizable (several supplemental features to choose from). As for the Variable Universal life product, it is a combination of term life pack with cash accumulation. The company has more than 10 options, suitable for all the possible needs.