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Gerber Life Insurance is an American insurance group, which was established in 1967. Today the company is headquartered in New York with its operating office in Michigan. The group provides services to families and small businesses and is focused on medical and life insurance policies.

Meaning and history

The visual identity was designed for the Gerber Group in 1928 and became the unified corporate emblem for all the companies departments and subsidiaries.

The iconic emblem depicts a portrait of the baby enclosed in a thin blue circular frame. The company was looking for the perfect portrait, which would be able to become an advertising for its baby food products. Finally, the version, created by Dorothy Hope Smith was accepted by the brand.

The baby, drawn in white gray and blue colors is placed on a dark blue background and looks sweet and tender. It is a reflection of the caring company, which values its customers above all.

The color palette of the company’s logo represents authority, professionalism and reliability of the firm. Evoking a sense of protection and trust.

Logo Gerber Life Insurance

The various blue shades of the emblem are balanced by a calm blue color of the inscription. It harmonizes the logo and makes it classy and timeless. The Gerber logo is an example of always actual and elegant visual identity, which reflects the company’s essence and shows its best sides.


The wordmark is executed in a sleek and bold serif typeface, which is very similar to Century PS Pro Bold font, designed by Morris Benton. The font features distinct and sharp serifs along with smooth thick rounded lines, evoking a sense of professionalism and fundamental approach of the iconic company.


This insurance company has a very interesting history, as it was organized by a huge food production company, Gerber. And for more than 50 years the firm has been assisting its customers in terms of insurance and financial products and services.

Gerber Life Insurance Logo

As the main company was always focused on kids and babies, its insurance subsidiary offers a wide range of children plans, along with college and adults products, and accidental policies.

The company was under the Nestle wing since 2007 until 2018, when it was acquired by Western and Southern Financial Group. The parental company of the famous insurer is a huge and reputable financial organization, which allows the Gerber Life extend their range of products offered in order to provide the American citizens with the best solutions possible.

The range of the company’s products includes child and adult life insurance, term-life and guaranteed plans, insurance coverage, and accidental protection packages. All the products are flexible and customizable but they all can be described with one word — reliable