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Malindo is the name of a Malaysian airline, which was established in 2012 and started its flight in 2013. The company was formed by Malaysian and Indonesian companies, and this is how the name was created. Malindo Air has its bases in four airports across the country and operates flights to almost 70 destinations all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Malindo logo

Malindo Air is a young company, which was only created in 2012, and its logo was introduced in the same year. The visual identity of the Malaysian air carrier is bright and ornate despite the lack of details, as it is only composed of a logotype with just one graphical detail between two parts of the lettering. Though it is more than enough to reflect the spirit of the brand and its cultural authenticity.

The logo of Malindo Air is executed in an intense red color palette and is usually placed on a white background. The inscription is set in the title case, with only the “M” capitalized. All the lowercase letters of the wordmark are executed in a bold and fancy sans-serif typeface, which boasts thick smooth lines and distinct cuts on the tails.

The italicized logotype has its two parts separated by an icon, which depicts a head of a lion, facing to the right, and a stylized wing, speed up and left. The wing is composed of eight bold and smooth lines, curving up, and resembling eternal motion.

The lion here symbolized courage and power, while the wing reflects the essence of the brand, and the bright and delightful color palette represents its passion, strength, and progressive approach.

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