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Malév Hungarian Airlines is a prominent airline company today, specializing in air transportation services. It is privately owned and operated, providing both domestic and international flights. As a leading player in the aviation industry, Malév Hungarian Airlines serves a wide range of destinations, connecting passengers to various parts of the world. Whether it’s business or leisure travel, the company ensures a comfortable and reliable flying experience for its customers.

Meaning and history

Malév Hungarian Airlines Logo 1970

Malév Hungarian Airlines was founded in 1946 by the Hungarian government. It quickly became the national flag carrier of Hungary and operated both domestic and international flights. Throughout its history, Malév achieved significant milestones, including the expansion of its route network to various European and intercontinental destinations, establishing codeshare agreements with other airlines, and upgrading its fleet with modern aircraft.

Unfortunately, Malév Hungarian Airlines faced financial difficulties and ceased operations in February 2012. The airline filed for bankruptcy, leading to the suspension of all flights and the termination of its services. Since then, there have been no active operations by Malév, and the company’s assets were liquidated.

What is Malév Hungarian Airlines?
Malév Hungarian Airlines was the national flag carrier of Hungary until it ceased operations in 2012. It was established in 1946 and played a significant role in connecting Hungary with various destinations worldwide. Malév operated both domestic and international flights, providing passenger and cargo services.

197? – 1989

Malév Hungarian Airlines Logo 1970

The original logo of Malev Hungarian Airlines was created in the 1970s and featured a black and white banner with massive lettering, underlined by a title case sans-serif inscription, and accompanied by a small plane image above it. All elements were set in black against a plain white background.

1989 – 2012

Malév Hungarian Airlines Logo

The redesign of 1989 introduced a sharp geometric version of the Malev logo, set in a blue and white color palette. The stylized uppercase lettering was followed by a minimalistic emblem, formed by three diagonal lines of different lengths. The left ends of the lines were cut straight, while the right ones — softened.

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