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Headquartered in Dreieich, Germany, Hahn Air is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saspo Holding GmbH. While it offers scheduled and charter flights, its main business is a ticketing solution.

Meaning and history

Hahn Air Emblem

While the “airline” theme is the main one in the Hahn Air logo, it is pretty abstract here. The design features a highly stylized depiction of a plane going up. It is placed inside a white circle. In fact, if you do not know that the logo belongs to airlines, you will hardly be able to guess it basing on the picture.

To the right of the emblem, there is the name of the company in a pretty heavy sans serif typeface.

What is Hahn Air?
Hahn Air is a German air carrier, established in 1994 and based in Dusseldorf. The airline specializes in charter and jet flights, and mainly operates in the domestic and European areas. Another direction of the company’s activity is ticketing.

Font and color

Hahn Air Logo

As with everything German, the Hahn Air logo is stable and confident. The first thing is that its simple wordmark makes you think about his professionalism and expertise. The lettering in the title case uses one of the most traditional sans-serif fonts, very similar to Arial Pro Black or Swiss 721 Std Black.

But the thickness of the lines, spacing inside and between the letters, and the very special shade of blue make the super minimalistic inscription look unique and eye-catching.

The calm and deep blue hue has a slight green accent, and this is what makes it very special. This color evokes a sense of confidence and excellence, and it also shows the company as the one that chose a very narrow and selective direction in its segment, working for VIP clients and providing the highest quality services.