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Amerijet International is the biggest cargo airline in the US. They use modern jet planes to deliver express freights all over the Western Hemisphere and even beyond. Amerijet possesses one of the largest fleets in America overall, and it’s not even a competition when it comes to freighter airlines.

Meaning and history

Amerijet Logo history

The company was established in 1974 as an American cargo airline. Its name is a combination of words ‘American’ and ‘Jet’. Although originally an exclusively American provider, they now offer their services internationally. The Western Hemisphere is still a preferred region, however.

1974 – 2022

Amerijet International Logo

The initial logo by the company is its name. The lowest part ‘International Airlines’ is written in a sans-serif font with uppercase letters. The upper word ‘AmeriJet’ has a bold italic typeface with heavy, tilted letters. The first ‘A’ character is drawn both like a star and a plane tail. It has two lines, one colored red, the other – white. Below the whole inscription we can see a long red line, which is supposed to be a plane’s trail.

2022 – Now

Amerijet Logo