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Lane Bryant is an American fashion brand, specialized in plus-size women clothing. The company was established in 1902 and today distributes its products across the globe mainly through its online store.

Lane Bryant Slogan
  • Bold. Modern. You.

  • What Real Women Wear

  • Nobody fits you like Lane Bryant

Meaning and history

Lane Bryant Logo history


Lane Bryant Logo 1969
The Lane Bryant logo has always been a typographical one, which means it hasn’t included pictorial elements. And yet, it has a recognizable visual identity as for most of its history the company has stuck to the typeface of a pretty similar style. There have been only a couple of exceptions.
For instance, if you compare the old version showcased above with the current logo, you’ll notice how similar they look. The older version is slightly heavier and has an “R” with an extended end, though.

Before 2009

Lane Bryant Logo 1980
The wordmark grew cleaner. The effect resulted from the lighter type and the disappearance of the long end on the “R.” Also, the strokes forming the letters now had the same thickness.

2009 – 2011

Lane Bryant Logo 2009
For two years, the company used a very different design, with lowercase letters. Here, there was no space between the two words – the border between them was created by the combination of light and bold typefaces.

2011 – 2014

Lane Bryant Logo 2011
Once again, the company tried to experiment with its visual brand identity. On the one hand, the designers returned the recognizable old typeface (it was used for the word “Bryant”). This helped to reflect the brand’s heritage in the logo. On the other hand, the authors of the logo added an original nuance by coloring the wordmark. Also, they gave the first word in a unique cursive script. Supposedly, this added personal touch.
And yet, eventually, the brand returned to its original style.

2014 – Today

Lane Bryant Logo
The Lane Bryant visual identity is based on the classic fashion industry principles — minimalism, monochrome, elegance. The logo is composed of a wordmark in all capital letters.
The typeface is sans-serif with straight lines and sharp angles. The pointed tops on two letters “N” make the whole nameplate look strong and unique.
Usually written in black and placed on a white background, the logo sometimes switches its palette and puts white lettering in a black rectangle. That makes it look brighter and more modern.
The brand’s signifier, which is also used as a website icon, is composed of two capital letters, “LB”, which are connected to each other, yet there is a small vertical white line on the bottom of the letter “B”, showing where the elongated tail of “L” ends.
The Lane Bryant logo is minimalist yet powerful. It shows the brand’s individuality and creative approach, as well as huge attention to details.