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Madonna is the scenic name of the pop-music icon, Louise Ciccone; who was born in 1958 and became famous after the release of her album “Madonna” in 1983. Since then the singer has sold more than 300 million albums across the globe and is considered to be the most famous and influential woman in the music industry.

Meaning and history

Madonna Logo history

There have been dozens of logos created to represent the great woman artist during her intense and outstanding career. Different variations of colors and typefaces, with or without additional graphics, happy, passionate, and sad. Sometimes they changed once a year, sometimes they stayed for longer. But there is some similarity in the logos of each decade, which shows the progress and development of Madonna as a person and an artist.


Madonna Logo-1983

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Madonna Logo-1989

The very first era of Madonna’s visual identity can easily be called Red: all the logotypes, creating during the 1980s featured different shades of red color as the main theme. The very first insignia hosted a black all-caps inscription with the letter “O” colored in red. Later it was replaced by a red logotype in a lowercase, executed in a traditional serif typeface. For the “Holiday” single the white lettering was placed on red vertical rectangles, and the “Borderline” logo looked like a Broadway poster with bold display inscription in solid red.

By the end of the 1980s, the light blue color started appearing on the diva’s logos — and the cover of the “True Blue” album from 1986 featured completely blue lettering in all capitals of a bold serif typeface.


Madonna Logo-19921994

Madonna Logo-19941998

Madonna Logo-1998

In the 1990s several more logos were introduced. This was the most successful time period for the singer and all the emblems were executed with a lot of elegance and luxury. The “Erotica” logotype was handwritten and its rounded letters were going up in one line, while the cover of the “Bedtime Stories” showed us another Madonna — minimalist yet bright — with the lightweight lettering in two levels, pink and blue.


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Madonna Logo-20032005

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The 2000s were an era of experiments and different designs. We could see the cowboy-style badge with saloon-like lettering, a bloody dripping red inscription from the “American Life” album, released in 2003, and the neon disco pink wordmark from “Confessions on a Dance Floor”.

In the 2010s Madonna goes laconic. Her logos created during this period are all executed in a monochrome palette and have no additional graphics.


Madonna Logo

The “Madame X” album, released by the pop-icon in 2019 has a completely different logo — it is a wordmark in two levels, where the singer’s name is placed as a bottom line and executed in a stylized typewriter-style font. The monochrome color palette evokes a sense of power and timeless style.