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Missoni is a luxury fashion house headquartered in Varese, Italy. It is best known for its colorful knitwear items with a distinctive zigzag pattern. The history of the brand started in 1953.

Meaning and history

1953 — 1998

M Missoni Logo 1953

1998 — Today

M Missoni logo

The line named M Missoni started in 1998. It is produced and distributed by Marzotto. The range offers less expensive items than the main Missoni range. This fact is reflected in the M Missoni logo. It looks somewhat simpler than the primary emblem of the fashion house.

The logo of the M Missoni line features the large “M” inside an ellipse. The letter looks the same as in the primary Missoni logo. The shape of the middle part of the “M” seems to have been inspired by the iconic zigzag pattern.

Below the emblem, the name of the fashion house can be seen. The type is simpler than the bold sans of the primary wordmark.