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Lufthansa CityLine is a renowned airline that primarily operates regional and domestic flights. The company is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, one of the largest aviation companies in the world. Lufthansa CityLine operates primarily in Germany, serving numerous domestic and European destinations. With a focus on high-quality service, punctuality, and efficiency, Lufthansa CityLine plays a vital role in connecting passengers to various cities within and beyond Germany, contributing to the overall connectivity and convenience of air travel in the region.

Meaning and history

Lufthansa CityLine Logo history
Lufthansa CityLine is a German regional airline founded in 1958. It was established by Deutsche Lufthansa AG as a subsidiary to operate domestic and European flights. Over the years, Lufthansa CityLine has achieved significant milestones, including expanding its fleet and route network. It has played a crucial role in connecting smaller cities and regional hubs to Lufthansa’s global network. Today, Lufthansa CityLine operates a fleet of modern aircraft and continues to provide regional and feeder services for Lufthansa. It maintains a strong presence in the German aviation market and contributes to the overall success of the Lufthansa Group.

What is Lufthansa CityLine?
Lufthansa CityLine is a regional subsidiary of Lufthansa, one of the largest airlines in Europe. It operates flights primarily within Europe and provides connectivity between smaller regional airports and major hubs. Lufthansa CityLine maintains a fleet of regional aircraft and offers a range of services to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

1992 – 2018

Lufthansa CityLine Logo 1992

The first Lufthansa CityLine badge was designed in 1992, using an intense yellow and blue color palette. The bold yellow lettering in the title case of a modern sans-serif typeface was written against a solid blue rectangular banner with a delicate yellow emblem in the left part.

2018 – now

Lufthansa CityLine Logo

The redesign of 2018 has kept the composition and style of the Lufthansa CityLine badge but switched its color palette. The new version featured a dark blue lettering with an emblem, set against a plain white background.

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