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Lotec is a famous European sport-cars manufacturing company, which was established in Germany in 1962. During its history, the band has released four different race car models and two supercars, which are considered to be one of the best in the world.

Meaning and history

Lotec Logo history

1983 – 1998

Lotec Logo-1983

1998 – Today

Lotec Logo

The visual identity of the Lotec is bold and solid. Its text-based logo looks powerful and professional, whether it is printed on documents or posters, or placed on the car, executed in a silver outline.

The Lotec logo comprises a bold custom inscription executed in a sans-serif typeface, with letters glued to each other, and being a continuation of each other. The letter “O” has the bars of “L” and “T” overlapping its body and outlines in white, which creates a pattern on a perfect black circle.

The elongated horizontal bar of the “T” is also the upper bar of the letter “E”, which has its lower part also elongated and separated from the “C” by a thin white arch.

The Lotec nameplate is instantly recognizable. There is nothing unusual or new in it, but the thick lines are perfectly balanced by the whole delicate outline, and different lengths of bars along with a slightly italicized typeface create a sense of motion and progress, reflecting the company’s energy and professionalism.

As for the color palette of the logo, it is usually executed in monochrome, which is the perfect choice for almost any possible placement. When used on the car bonnets, the emblem uses silver metal, a delicate and elegant shade, adding style and sophistication.