Los Angeles Clippers Logo

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Los Angeles Clippers Logo
The depiction of a basketball has almost always been the core of the Los Angeles Clippers logo, with the exception of the 1972 version. In most cases, the logotype has been redesigned when the team changed its location and/or name.

Meaning and history

Los Angeles Clippers Logo history

The basketball team now known under the name Los Angeles Clippers was originally called Buffalo Braves. The club’s logo for the debut season in 1971 featured a blue buffalo on a yellow ball. The ball was surrounded by red feathers, which made it look even more like the sun.
old clippers logo
By the next season, a completely new logotype was designed. It was built around a large blue letter “B” with a feather (blue and red) in the middle. The way the letter was drawn suggested speed and motion, as it somehow resembled a rocket propulsion.


Font Los Angeles Clippers Logo Font

The Baskerville Old Serial Heavy font, published by SoftMaker, seems very close to the one used on the old wordmark, while the Clippers new logo features a customized sans serif typeface.


Color Los Angeles Clippers Logo
In 2015, the Clippers added black to the long-standing trio of red, white, and blue. Moreover, silver is also mentioned among the team’s official colors, although it is hardly possible to see it on the logotype. If one takes a closer look, however, he or she may notice the silver lining.