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The depiction of a basketball has almost always been the core of the Los Angeles Clippers logo, with the exception of the 1972 version. In most cases, the logotype has been redesigned when the team changed its location and/or name.

Meaning and history

Los Angeles Clippers Logo history

1970 — 1971

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1970

Though the history of the basketball club from Los Angeles dates back to 1970 when it was established under the name Buffalo Braves, the Clippers era started in 1978, in San Diego and this is when their first logo was introduced to the public.

1971 — 1978

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1978

1978 — 1982

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1978

The first San Diego Clippers logo was bright and stylish. It was a geometric combination where three overlapping triangular sails were placed on a solid blue circle and had a red sun coming out of them. The “San Diego” inscription in small blur letters was written along the bottom part of the emblem, while the enlarged red “Clippers” in a title case was crossing the badge.

1982 — 1984

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1982

In 1982 the logo was redesigned in a more sporty way, to represent basketball and the essence of the club. It was a red and white contoured ball with a Two leveled blue inscription on it and some horizontal red stripes coming out on the rounded contour, to represent movement and energy.

1984 — 2010

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1984
In 1984 the club relocated to Los Angeles, changes its name and the inscription on the emblem. Another change in the visual identity was in the removal of two horizontal stripes from the right part of the ball. All the other elements, including the color palette and typeface, remained untouched.

2010 — 2015

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 2010

The color palette of the Los Angeles Clippers’ visual identity was elevated in 2010, by bringing darker shades of both blue and red. The inscription was also slightly refined and started looking stronger and more professional, with its clean bold lines of the italicized letters.

2015 — Today

Los Angeles Clippers logo

The redesign of 2015 introduced a new logo concept. The emblem now featured a stylized white basketball in a black outline with a “CLA” monogram in the middle, placed above the enlarged “Clippers” wordmark in all capitals of a bold and modern Sans-serif typeface with rounded angles and straight cuts. The inscription is set between blue and red horizontal lines above and under it, adding playfulness and lightness to solid lettering shapes.

Font Los Angeles Clippers Logo Font

The Baskerville Old Serial Heavy font, published by SoftMaker, seems very close to the one used on the old wordmark, while the Clippers new logo features a customized sans serif typeface.


Color Los Angeles Clippers Logo

In 2015, the Clippers added black to the long-standing trio of red, white, and blue. Moreover, silver is also mentioned among the team’s official colors, although it is hardly possible to see it on the logotype. If one takes a closer look, however, he or she may notice the silver lining.