Boston Celtics Logo

boston celtics logo
The Boston Celtics is a popular basketball team, which was founded in 1946. It is based in Boston, and belongs to the club of the most recognized successful teams.

Meaning and history

Boston Celtics Logo history

The logo has undergone a few modifications. The very first one (1946-1949) featured a white shamrock leaf. The next two ones (introduced in 1950 and 1960) were a cheering leprechaun.


boston celtics symbol
The current Boston Celtics logo (1996) features a Celtic with a stick spinning a ball, smoking a pipe, and a sort of leaning on a green circle with the team’s name in it.


While the history of the leprechaun logo started in the early 1950s, it wasn’t the first emblem the club used. One of the earliest emblems was the shamrock, which is now used as the alternative logo. You can see it, for instance, on the old team warmup jackets. Here, it was trimmed in gold – the color used for the shamrock logo for much of its history.
Eventually, in the early 1950s, Zang Auerbach, the brother of Celtics head coach Red Auerbach, developed a completely new design. It featured a leprechaun wearing a crown. He was colored in black, white, and green. The leprechaun was jumping holding cane.
In 1961, the emblem went through a subtle update. While the figure remained the same, there was now some orange on the background. You can come across a logo with a large basketball for a background.
A completely new era started in the history of the Boston Celtics logo in 1968. Here, at last, we meet the familiar laid-back leprechaun with a big smile. The left hand is on his shillelagh, while the other hand is pointing straight upward. Over the index finger, there’s a basketball.
We can also see another basketball on this logo – it’s located right behind the leprechaun and is large enough to serve as the background. While its brownish orange color creates an impressive contrast with the green clothes the figure is wearing, we can’t but say that two basketballs are too much for one logo. In spite of this obvious drawback, the logo was in use for over seven years until it was replaced by the emblem that was almost identical to the current one.
The 1977 logo looked more professional than its predecessor. It was designed with attention to detail, and as a result, it worked better at larger sizes and was more sophisticated and realistic. Even more importantly, the mood of the design changed (or, to be precise, was enriched with details). The smile grew sly, the hat wasn’t that straight anymore.
In advance of the 1996–97 season, which was the 50th-anniversary season for the club, the emblem was enriched with colors. The leprechaun’s face and hands were beige; the vest adopted a gold hue, while the ball and cane were now dominated by brown. The pants and shoes were mostly black.
Apart from the main logo, there’re several alternatives ones. In addition to the shamrock emblem mentioned above, there is a silhouette leprechaun logo.


The unique type has been probably hand-drawn specifically for the club. If you want to find a font looking somewhat similar, try the Lakers typeface. They have something in common, although the height of the letters isn’t the same.


The colors introduced on the Boston Celtics logo have a historic meaning for the club. The most memorable color is green, which can be linked with the shamrock.
According to the official Reproduction and Usage Guideline Sheet (2018), the following shades are used:
– Green. Pantone: 356, Hex: #008348
– Gold. Pantone: 874 C. Hex: #BB9753
– Brown. Pantone: 174 C. Hex: #A73832
– Beige. Pantone: 472 C. Hex: #FAB383
– Black. Pantone: Black. Hex: #00000