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Lockheed Martin appeared as the result of the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in the spring of 1995. It is a US aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies company. It is among the largest companies in these industries.

Meaning and history

Lockheed Martin Logo history

The Lockheed Martin logo exists in several versions. All of them are a combination of two basic elements, a stylized star and the company name. The star has only two finished points, while the other half is only barely visible – some of the rays are missing. This creates a dynamic impression. Also, the shape it forms looks like a rocket or an aircraft flying down.

What is Lockheed Martin?
Lockheed Martin is an American military-industrial corporation, which was established in 1995 from a merger of two businesses, Lockheed and Martin Marietta. The company specializes in aircraft, aerospace, shipbuilding, postal automation, and airport infrastructure and logistics segments.

Lockheed Martin logo

In one of the versions of the logo, both the star and the wordmark are blue. The letters are bold and italicized. They belong to a rather legible and generic sans.

In several alternative versions of the Lockheed Martin logo, the name of the company is light grey. It is also bold and italicized, yet the letters are larger and closer to each other.Lockheed Martin logo We never forget who we’re working for

We should also mention the versions with the tagline “We never forget who we’re working for.” The tagline is given in a completely different type than the name of the company. It is an italicized serif font with a subtle handwritten touch.

Font and color

The bold and stable logotype from the primary badge of the Lockheed Martin corporation is set in a heavy and strict sans-serif typeface with lean contours and sharp angles of the characters. The closest font to the one, used for this insignia is, probably, Univers 85 Extra Black Oblique. The lettering here is set in a usual modern font, but due to a large distance between the glyphs, the wordmark looks unique and cool.

As for the color palette of the Lockheed Martin visual identity, it is based on a calm yet intense shade of blue, a color standing for professionalism and expertise, and evoking a sense of trust and reliability.