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L’Occitane en Provence was established in 1976. Today, it is among the best-known international retailers of body, face, and home products, as well as fragrances. It is headquartered in Manosque, France.

Meaning and history

The L’Occitane logo is based on a traditional serif type. It adds a subtle retro touch, which hints at the company’s rich heritage.

The type is showcased in both the word “L’Occitane” (which is larger and positioned in the first line) and “En Provence” (smaller letters, below).

While the wordmark is often given in black against the white background, the colored version is also popular. The youthful shade of yellow featured here has been inspired by the generous sun of Provence.

What is L’Occitane?
L’Occitane is the name of a French cosmetic brand, which was established in Provence in 1976, and is specialized in the production of the high-quality natural cosmetics for face, body, and hair care for men and women, the brand also produces exquisite perfumes.

Font and color

L’Occitane Logo

The simple and elegant uppercase L’Occitane logotype is set in a bold and classy serif typeface, which is very close to such iconic fonts as Garamond SB Black and Sabon Greek Monotonic Bold. The “En Provence” tagline is set in the same font as the main wordmark, but uses the smaller size of the capital letters, which all are equal, unlike the “L’Occitane”, with its “O” slightly enlarged.

As for the color palette of the L’Occitane logo, the brand uses a classic black-and-white combination for the primary version, but the shades change depending on the product packaging. Thus, the elegant serif inscription can be seen in gold, pink, or purple. Two other popular color schemes used for the logo of the French cosmetic brand are yellow and white, or yellow and navy blue.


L’Occitane Symbol

L’Occitane does not have any official graphical emblem or symbol, but there are some design details, which distinguish the products of the brand from its competitors. It is the well-known L’Occitane roundel, where the product name and characteristics are usually written around the perimeter. The roundel is normally set in two colors with contrasting lettering: it can be, for instance, a small solid black circle in an extra-wide blue framing, with a white inscription over both parts.