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EOS is the name of a skincare brand, which was established in the United States in 2006. Mostly known for its lip balms, the company distributes its products all over the globe and is loved by millions of people for its colorful packaging.

Meaning and history

EOS logo

The EOS visual identity is based on two main things — the name of the brand and its unique instantly recognizable packaging. The brand, which full name is Evolution Of Smooth, was the first even lip-balm producer to pack its balms into a spherical tube. And today no country in the world is left where women haven’t heard or seen these awesome products.

The brand worked closely with Collins creative agency to drawing something special and exquisite, and here what we have as a result: the most recognizable and eye-catching packaging, with a strong yet minimalist logo.

The EOS logotype in the lowercase is written in white and is usually placed on a bright solid background, which usually repeats one of the colors of the balm’s packaging.

The lettering is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, where the “O” is composed of two parts — it is vertically divided into two equal arches, creating an image of a stencil typeface, though “E” and “S” have their contours complete and not open. The soft and sleek rounded lines of the wordmark is a graphical representation of what EOS stands for — the evolution of smooth. You can literally feel the texture of the balm and its effect on your lips simply by just looking at the logo.

Font and color

The custom typeface of the EOS visual identity is a combination of a traditional rounded font with a stencil one. The closest fonts you can find are Basik Book Stencil, Stencil Round Ends, and Bookbag Bold.

As for the tagline, “Evolution is Smooth”, which is sometimes placed under the wordmark, it is written in the lowercase and uses a simple yet confident and modern sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty similar to Suprema Regular and Uniform Pro Regular, with their slightly extended letters and thin neat lines.

The candy-like color palette of the EOS visual identity has various possible combinations — blue, pink, and yellow shades of the background make a perfect accompaniment for a white wordmark. Sometimes the wordmark is colored in pink of purple and placed in a white background, sometimes white inscription on a bright solid circle has a thin white outline, which makes the logo look distinct and strong.