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Artdeco is a German make-up cosmetics manufacturing company, which was established by Helmut Baurecht in 1985. Today the brand is loved and recognizable across the globe with its products distributed in almost 80 countries on all the continents.

Meaning and history

The Artdeco visual identity is based, first of all, on the brand’s name and one of the most outstanding architectural styles in history, with its sleek shapes and silhouettes. The simple and minimalist brand’s logo is refined and subtle, it looks modern and confident and reflects the unique style of the company.

The company’s logo is composed of an elegant and light wordmark and is executed in a monochrome palette. The black lettering is usually placed on a white background, which is a traditional and classy option for any brand, but sometimes the colors are switched and the inscription turns white on a black ground.

This trademark is a representation of a strong brand with a lot of expertise and authority, it shows the company’s individuality and traditional approach to creating the high-quality make-up products, that can help all the women feel beautiful and loved.

Logo Artdeco


The branded nameplate in all capital letters is executed in a sophisticated and stylish sans-serif typeface, which perfectly reflects the Art Deco architectural style, with its slightly elongated and softened lines, looking sleek and fancy. The letters of the inscription are narrowed but have enough space between them, which makes it light and fresh.

The clean and neat wordmark has its letter “A” as the most outstanding element. Its rounded top resembles a chic building roof, making you remember the great Epoque of the 1920s with its exclusive style.


Artdeco is considered to be the number one brand of make-up cosmetics in Germany and it keeps conquering new markets and fans all over the globe, as its products are of really good quality and the prices are more than affordable.

In the company’s product range, you can find anything you might need for a perfect evening makeup: bright lipsticks and classy eyeliners. The brand also produces various foundations and powders, suitable for all skin types and colors.

Artdeco Logo

The brand also has a skincare line, which includes all the categories — from facial moisturizers and cleaners to foot and nail cosmetics. The company really cares about the quality of its cosmetics and provides the best skin care solutions, everyone can use at home to keep their skin fresh and smooth.

The Artdeco website looks stylish and is easy to use. It contains all the information about the brand’s cosmetic products and has a wide range of tutorials and even foundation tests, where you can choose the perfect shade online.

The list of tutorials contains videos and articles with a lot of photos and step-by-step instructions, so even if you a new to make-up, you will be able to get the perfect result with the company’s cosmetics and advises.

The brand’s philosophy is built on the brand’s desire to make all women beautiful and to provide them with luxury make-up and skincare product at low prices. The brand has a lot of fans all over the globe, due to the good quality and a rich color palette of its items.

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