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Llama is the name of a firearms manufacturing company, which was established in 1904 in Spain. The company distributed its products across Europe and Latin America but stopped all the operations in 2000.

Meaning and history

The Llama visual identity has undergone several redesigns during the brand’s history but was always based on one idea. The logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem only became more refined and modern.

The Llama emblem has always been the flame. In earlier versions, it was enclosed in a circular frame with the wordmark inside, placed around its perimeter. The lettering of the emblem and the logotype was executed in one and the same bold serif typeface and used only capital letters.

Llama Logo

The latest Llama logo features an unframed flame on the right of the inscription. The emblem is more refined and elongated now. The typeface was also changed from the traditional serif to a contemporary and strict sans-serif with straight lines and sharp angles.

The Llama logo looks solid and balanced. Executed in monochrome it reflects the company’s professionalism and power, it shows the brand as strong and confident, with the value of quality and safety.