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Linux Mint is the name of the Linux software, which was created by Clement Lefebvre and released in 2006, and by today is widely used, being available in most languages and updated regularly. Linux Mint is an open-source system, which comes with a full pack of additional software.

Meaning and history

Linux Mint Logo history
Throughout the years there were several versions of the Linux Mint logo used by the software, for different years and different versions can but starting in 2016 the operating system simplified its visual identity approach and adopted one logo, designed in 2007, for all the needs.

2006 – 2007

Linux Mint Logo 2006
The original Linux Mint logo was introduced in 2006 and fully based on the visual identity of Ubuntu — with its iconic emblem, composed of a circle with three thick elements coming out from it to different sides. The emblem was colored in gradient green and featured a thin black outline, which made it look more distinct on a light gray shadow. As for the lettering changed it was written in a bold italicized handwritten sans-serif, with the “Linux” part in the light poison-green shade, and “Mint” in blue.

2007 – 2021

Linux Mint Logo 2007
The Linux Mint logo was completely redrawn in 2007, and this is when the emblem we all can see today was created. The new concept consists of a modern green and white emblem in a shape of a square leaf, with the lowercase “M” coming out of an elongated tail of the “L”. The white lettering on the green leaf is balanced by a double white and green outline of an emblem and accompanied by a wordmark, set in the right from the graphical element.
The logotype is executed in white and green and written in a narrowed rounded sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and the first letters of both words stretched vertically. There is also a tagline, which can be seen under the main logo, depending on the needs of the brand. The “From freedom came elegance” inscription is set in the lowercase and written in gray letters of a modern sans-serif typeface.

2008 – 2009

Linux Mint Logo 2008
The KDE version of the software was introduced in 2008, and it was decided to create a separate logo for this product. This is how the blue and white version of the official insignia was designed. The main difference was of course in the color palette, but there was also some small additional gray detail added to the bottom part of the emblem’s frame.

2009 – 2016

Linux Mint Logo 2009
In 2016 the KDE logo was redrawn in cleaned and bolder lines, keeping the blue and white color palette but using fewer blue shades now, which made the whole image look stronger and more modern. How every in 2016 the brand decides to start using its official green and white logo for both products.

2021 – Today

Linux Mint logo
As many companies were moving towards a more minimalistic and simple visual identity, so did Linux Mint. They preserved the stylized initials but placed them on a green circle that had a simpler form than the previous versions. The name was also printed using just one font and all lowercase letters. For the font, they chose a sans-serif option with clean, smooth lines. It resembles Ubuntu Regular, Accord Alternate Medium, and similar fonts.