Linkin Park Logo

Linkin Park Logo

One of the most popular US rock bands, Linkin Park is known for producing music that is quite appropriate for radio in spite of its nu metal and rap metal style. Despite this compromise, their music definitely has a densely layered quality.

Linkin Park Logo Meaning and history

Logo Linkin Park

The three high school friends who created the band started recording songs in 1996. It was then that they produced their first tape, which comprised only 4 tracks.

In 2000 the Linkin Park released its breakthrough album, Hybrid Theory, which was accompanied by what became the band’s earliest emblem. The black-and-white Linkin Park logo consisted of two letters, “L” and “P”, given in a bold sans-serif font. The “P” character was reversed, and thus the two characters “faced” each other.

The 2006 Symbol Linkin Park

Symbol Linkin Park

In 2006, along with the release of Minutes to Midnight album, a completely new Linkin Park logo was unveiled. The logo featured an “LP” insignia where both the characters were written using only one line. In fact, the letters were hardly legible and looked more like an emblem, but that only added to the symbol’s visual appeal.

One More Light Emblem Linkin Park

Emblem Linkin Park

The very essence of the symbol, the intricate “LP” design, has stayed the same, but the round shape around it has been replaced by a hexagon. Every angle of the hexagon is supposed to symbolize one of the band members (six altogether).

Font of the Linkin Park Logo

Font Linkin Park Logo

In addition to the emblem itself, Linkin Park has a wordmark. It has been modified several times throughout the band’s history. The customized fonts used for their first album, Hybrid Theory (2000), as well as for their remix album, Reanimation (2002), somewhat resembled each other (although the type itself wasn’t the same) due to the “reversed” “N”. In 2003 a common “N” replaced the reversed one.

In 2007, the band had its wordmark heavily modified. Probably, the most recognizable elements of the new insignia were sharp angles in the “N”, “A”, and “R” characters. The new insignia introduced in 2010 featured a minimalistic sans-serif font. In the 2017 wordmark the name of the band is given in a lighter, more transparent color and type, and there’s obviously more space between the characters. It looks only natural, taking into consideration the name of the 2017 album, One More Light.

Color of Linkin Park Logo

Color Linkin Park Logo

The contrast between black and white in the Linkin Park logo somewhat reflects the violent emotions their music conjures up. Also, black color, when used in music culture, is often supposed to reflect a connection with underground.

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