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Gifford’s is a family-owned company renowned for its premium ice cream. Crafting delectable flavors from quality ingredients, they operate primarily in the Northeastern U.S. Their product line extends beyond traditional parlors, reaching grocery aisles and dining establishments. With a history rooted in community and tradition, the Gifford family continues to steer this sweet venture, maintaining a legacy of frozen delights that resonate with local charm and broad appeal.

Meaning and history

Gifford’s stands as a testament to the American dream, its story a tapestry woven from family values and entrepreneurial spirit. It began in the 19th century with a simple dairy farm in Maine, evolving over generations. The Gifford family took the reins in the 1970s, transforming the operation into an ice cream phenomenon. They focused on homemade recipes and farm-fresh ingredients, a tradition that persists.

As stewardship passed through the Gifford lineage, each generation infused innovation while preserving core values. They expanded production, modernized processes, but always kept the community at the heart. This is evident in their continued use of the family’s original recipes and methods, with a touch of modern efficiency.

The company’s ownership remained under the Gifford umbrella, ensuring that the original essence of the brand persevered. This continuity of family leadership helped Gifford’s Ice Cream to not only maintain its beloved status among locals but also to garner acclaim on a national scale.

Into the 21st century, Gifford’s has stood its ground in an industry rife with competition, consistently delivering quality that turns first-time tasters into lifelong fans. Through strategic marketing and distribution, they’ve solidified their presence in the Northeast while their reputation has attracted attention far beyond, without letting go of their artisanal roots. Their history is a rich blend of tradition and adaptation, crafting a brand as timeless as the flavors they create.


Gifford’s Logo

The Gifford’s logo is a blend of simplicity and symbolism. It features the company’s name in a friendly, sans-serif typeface, asserting a modern yet approachable character. At the top of the emblem, a stylized, green swoosh forms a gentle arch, reminiscent of a scoop of ice cream. Perched atop this arc is a singular cherry, its red hue popping against the green, adding a playful touch that evokes the classic ice cream sundae. Below, a bold blue “G” cradles the scene, suggesting a bowl or a sense of completeness. This “G” doubles as the initial of the brand, anchoring the design with a sense of identity. Overall, the logo conveys freshness, quality, and a nod to the brand’s classic dessert heritage.