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Lierac is the name of a French cosmetics brand offering body care and skin care products. It was created in 1975 by a cosmetic physician, Leon Careil. The first product was made exclusively from plant extracts. And since then the brand aims to create natural and hypoallergenic products, suitable for all skin types.

Meaning and history

Lierac Logo history

Lierac was founded in 1975 by the cosmetologist Léon Careil, and named after its founder – “Lierac” is “Careil” backwards. The first product he created was made exclusively from plant extracts, which was not typical for its times, thus it became a real sensation. Today the dermatocosmetics developed by the brand specialize in the correction of skin aging and fight against skin diseases, and still tries to use as many natural ingredients in its formulas, as possible.
Due to the high-quality of the products and components, the Lierac cosmetics are sold mostly in pharmacies, as they really help with some serious skin conditions. Although the brand also has simple everyday products, suitable for all skin types. Lierac produces highly effective Phyto cosmetics designed to solve any dermatological problems of the individual at home.

What is Lierac?
Lierac is a French brand of dermatocosmetics, which was established in 1975, and today is known all over the globe as one of the best pharmacy labels in the skin and body care. The brand pays a lot of attention to the formulas and natural ingredients of its products.

In terms of visual identity, the brand has always followed the classic path, using the wordmark as the main element and writing it in simple yet sophisticated typefaces. Not many redesigns were held by the brand throughout its history, and even after the last one, the logo hasn’t lost its recognizability and class.

???? — 2020

Lierac logo old

The Lierac logo, used for most of its history featured the composition of the enlarged uppercase inscription, and a thick horizontal line with its ends slightly flared, under its sometimes the logo was accompanied by the “Paris” tagline, which was set in all capitals of a lightweight modern sans-serif. As for the main wordmark, it was written in a fancy elegant font, which is very similar to Optima Pro Roman and Iwata Sochou Pro Medium.

2020 — Today

Lierac logo

After the redesign of the 2020s, the Lierac logo became bolder and more confident. The badge now has an utterly minimalist style. The design is dominated by the word “LIERAC” featuring an austere sans serif typeface. All the letters are capitalized and have a completely utilitarian shape providing excellent legibility.
Above the name of the brand, there is the word “Laboratories,” while the lettering “Paris” comes below. Both are smaller and feature a flatter type.