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Babor is a German cosmetics company focusing on natural and luxury cosmetics. The parent company is located in Aachener Ortsteil Eilendorf.

Meaning and history

The Babor logo seems to have been inspired by the two core concepts of the brand’s message, “natural” and “luxury.” On the one hand, the rose seen in the logo is a flower, and as such, symbolizes nature. On the other hand, the rose is probably the most luxurious of all flowers. It has been used in the coats-of-arms of noble people for centuries.

The rose can be used as a standalone emblem or part of the “Barbor” wordmark. When it is part of the wordmark, it is placed over the “O.”

What is Babor?

Babor is a German cosmetic manufacturer, which was established in 1956, and is known for its high-end skincare and body care products, used not only at home but also by many professional salons all over the globe.

Font and color

Babor Logo

The main element of the Babor logo is the wordmark. The uppercase lettering is set in a very elegant typeface, which varies depending on the background of the badge — it can be set in black letters on white, or in white — on black. So in the first case the elegant serif letters have their bars slightly shortened, which creates unique silhouettes; and in the second — the white letters boast complete contours and look stable and confident. The font closest to the Babor typeface is, probably, Clarice Medium, but with some lines modified.

As for the color palette, the brand chooses a traditional path and uses a combination of black and white, although as already mentioned above the colors can switch between each other.


Babor Symbol

Another important part of the Babor visual identity is the elegant rose, which crosses the letter “O’ vertically, dividing it into two equal parts. Initially, the rose was black, but now it can also be seen drawn in white lines over the black background of the badge.

The black rose was chosen as the symbol of the brand by its founder, biochemist Michael Babor, who placed it on the logo as the embodiment of perfection, which could ideally present his innovative skin cleansing product, created in 1956.

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