Levis Logo

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Levis Logo
The history of Levi’s started in 1853, but it was only 20 years later that the company introduced the legendary blue jeans and a patented way of securing clothing with rivets. Several years later the company’s first emblem (the two horse label) was created. One more emblem the blue jeans manufacturer has is a red tap logo.

Meaning and history

Levis Logo history

Having invented the blue jeans in 1873, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss faced the following problem: they needed to make consumers understand how strong these clothes were. Taking into consideration that quite a few people in the remote West could not read and were not native speakers of English, a memorable image was the best way to solve the problem.
In 1886, the image of two horses trying in vain to tear a pair of jeans was used for the first time. It was an immediate success. Very soon shop assistants started to be asked for “the pants with horses”. Hardly a surprise, that the official name of the brand during the first 50 years of its existence was “The Two Horse Brand”. It was only in 1928 that the Levi’s name started to be used.
So, in fact the Levis label is older than the name of the company itself. It has been in use for more than 130 years already, and is still as good in conveying its message as it was back then!

Red tab symbol

Levis symbol
The red tab Levis logo was first used in 1936, eight years after the brand adopted its current name. Its characteristic shape is somewhat similar to the wings of a bat, so this emblem is sometimes referred to as the batwing logo.

The 2011 emblem

The 2011 modification of the Levis logo was made by designers from Turner Duckworth. One of the most interesting elements in the design is a “cropped” trademark symbol. It has been present in the company’s emblem for decades.

Levi Strauss chose quite a simple brand for his family business – Levi’s. The very first logo was more like a full-fledged picture – two horses looking in different directions and tied to jeans, and two people whipping horses to tear off the jeans tied to them. The later logo, located on the back of the pants and made of technical fabric, emphasized the shape of the owner’s buttocks.

Although it appeared due to utilitarian reasons (there was too little space for the whole registration mark on the small tag), eventually Levis top managers and designers whom they commissioned decided to make the “folded” “R” the signature of the brand. Due to this, as well as to the fact that the recognizable batwing shape stayed the same, the Levis logo is instantly identifiable without the need to include the company’s wordmark.


Font Levis Logo
The rad tab Levis emblem uses a highly legible sans-serif font. It has remained almost identical since its introduction in 1936, the most notable change being made in the shape of the “e” letter.


Color Levis Logo
The bright hue of red the company chose for its emblem guarantees excellent visibility as this color never fails to attract attention.