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In addition to the Lennox logo placed on the products, the company also has a corporate logo looking pretty different.

Meaning and history

Lennox Logo history

Lennox International Inc. is a provider of climate control products for the HVAC and refrigeration markets. The company was established in 1895.

What is Lennox?
Lennox is the name of an American company, which was founded in 1895 and is engaged in the production of chillers, air conditioners, fan coils, air handling units, and compressor-pump units. Today the production facilities of the company are located in the United States, Canada, England, France, and Spain, which allows Lennox to sell their products all over the world.

195.. – 1995

Lennox Logo before 1995

The Lennox badge, designed in the 1950s, featured a strict uppercase logotype, executed in a geometric sans-serif typeface with the clean medium-weight characters italicized. The black inscription was placed above a thick black horizontal line, which was drawn in the same thickness as the bars of the letters in the wordmark.

1995 – Today

Lennox logo


The logo of the brand features the word “Lennox” in red paired with a curve on the right. The curve looks like a part of an orbit or a trace left by a flying object, due to which the design gets a dynamic feel. The italicized type only adds to this impression. The motion implied by the type and the curve is crucial for the meaning of the logo as it symbolizes how the cool or warm air produced by the conditioner flies around the room.

Lennox International emblem

Lennox Logo

The corporate logo looks static and serious. The type is not italicized. It is heavier than that on the brand’s primary logo. There is also a pretty static and heavy emblem to the left of the wordmark, which is based on a square shape and does not have a single curve.


While the two versions of the logo look pretty different in terms of the shape, they are connected with the red color used in both of them. In the primary Lennox logo, the red is paired only with the white background, while the corporate logo adds a more “serious” and “business-like” color, gray.

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