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Texas Instruments is a globally renowned technology company, specializing in development, design and production of analogue technologies and semiconductor solutions. The brand was established in 1951 in Dallas, Texas, USA, due to reorganization of Geophysical Service Inc. Texas Instruments is the world’s leader in its segment.

Meaning and history

Texas Instruments Logo history

Texas Instruments is one of the world’s most reputable and professional companies manufacturers of semiconductors and analog electronics. The company was established in 1930, as Geophysical Service Incorporated. It was founded by John Clarence Karcher and Eugene McDermott, as a producer of submarine detection devices. During World War II, the company supplied communications, navigation, and targeting equipment to the U.S. Army and Navy.

In 1951 the GSI was reorganized and renamed Texas Instruments, keeping Geophysical Service Inc as a division. By now Texas Instruments has absorbed several competitors, including Burr-Brown, National Semiconductor, Unitrode, Klixon, Power Trend, Luminary Micro, and Ciclon, and this has made TI the fourth largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world after Intel, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Although Texas Instruments is the 4th in semiconductors, it is the first in the production of analog components, wireless systems IC sets, high-speed ADC and DAC, certain types of controllers, micromirror and signal processors, also makes discrete semiconductor components and assemblies, RFID devices, voltage converters, programmable timers and much, much more.

What is Texas Instruments?
Texas Instruments is the name of an American technology company, which was established in Dallas at the beginning of the 1930s under the name Geophysical Service Incorporated, and turned into Texas Instruments in 1961. Today it is one of the global leaders in the production of semiconductors and analog electronics.

1951 – 1959

Texas Instruments Logo 1951

The very first logo for the company, named Texas Instruments, was introduced in 1951 and stayed unchanged for more than eight years. It was simple elegant lettering in the title case, executed in a traditional serif typeface with the contours of the characters slightly stretched. The inscription was placed on the right from a lightweight emblem with the Texas state contour, overlapped by a stylized letter “T” written in the lowercase and accompanied by a dot, placed above it, and making up a letter “I”.

1959 – 1983

Texas Instruments Logo 1959

The redesign of 1959 strengthened the logo of the company, making the iconic emblem darker and bolder, and keeping the lettering part unchanged. The emblem got more distinctive and strong shades, making the contour of the state solid gray, and the black outline of the stylized monogram thicker. In the new palette, the whole badge started looking more professional and powerful.

1983 – Today

Texas Instruments logo

The first name of the company was General instruments, but founders had to change it, as firm with such name already existed. That is how the now-famous Texas Instruments brand was born. Today TI serves manufacturers and electronic designers worldwide, selling its products across more than 30 countries, and its logo is recognizable all over the globe.

Logo Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a pioneer in technologies and systems, which all have one aim – to shape the world. The company is always in motion — constant research and innovations is it’s way to make a statement. Texas Instruments has a strong and powerful reputation in the industry.

The Texas Instruments logo can be called iconic for the industry, as well as the brand itself. Its classic black sans serif lettering is accompanied by the brand’s famous emblem.

The Emblem

The Texas Instruments emblem is a red outline of the State of Texas with the included lower case letters “t” and “i”, connected in one symbol by overlay.

Emblem Texas Instruments

The red color of the icon symbolizes energy and success in all the fields the brand is operating. White count out of the “ti” letter adds purity and a sense of trust to the brand’s visual identity.

The first version of the emblem was executed in burgundy and pale yellow. The Texas outline and the “ti” symbol were only contoured in burgundy, while yellow was the main color. It was a good example of the logo of its time, but what we see now is a striking and memorable design.

Font and Color

The bold uppercase lettering from the Texas Instruments badge with the first characters enlarged is set in a heavy yet elegant serif typeface with very sophisticated contours of the letters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Zin Display Extended Bold or Chopader Two, but with some slight modifications.

As for the color palette of the Texas Instruments visual identity, it is set in deep and calm shades of red, confident black, and plain white. This combination stands for stability, professionalism, and reliability of the American company, showing its perfect reputation and value of quality.