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Le Rassemblement National, or National Rally, is a French far-right political party that largely promotes nationalist, protectionist and anti-immigrant ideas. Until 2022, it was one of the minor political players. In that year’s election, they’ve won 89 out of 557 seats in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament.

Meaning and History

Le Rassemblement National Logo history

The party was created in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen, a prominent French politician. In 2011, he was replaced as the party head by his daugher Marine Le Pen, who also resigned from the post in 2021. The current leader is one Jordan Bardella, a French MP in the European Parliament.

The party is the chief far-right movement in the country, and it was also known as the National Front until 2018. It’s particularly notable for its anti-islamist and anti-immigrant stance, although it’s been widely associated with various nationalist, chauvinist and jingoist ideas.

What is Le Rassemblement National?
Le Rassemblement National, or National Rally, is a French nationalist party that until 2018 was known as National Front. The party was famously headed first by Jean-Marie Le Pen until 2011 and then by his daughter Marine Le Pen until 2021. The party occupies 89 of 577 National Assembly seats as per 2022 elections.

1972 – 1977

Le Rassemblement National Logo 1972

The party’s emblem was the flame since the 70s. The original logotype included a simple flame design with the colors of the French flag inside. Beneath it was a red trapezoid with the letters ‘F.N.’ in it, written in a bold white sans-serif font. They stand for ‘Front National’. A thin black ring surrounded the entire logotype.

1977 – 1980

Le Rassemblement National Logo 1977

They modernized the logo by 1977, getting rid of the black ring and the rectangle. The flame also got a more streamlined look, although the design was largely the same. The letters beneath the flame stayed (sans the dots), although they were now bolder, red and turned inwards somewhat.

1980 – 1988

Le Rassemblement National Logo 1980

In 1980, they added a thick blue outline for the white fragment of the flame, which formerly used a thin red border. The letters also changed to a more round, upright style. They retained their red color, although a white border was added around them and a blue one on top of that.

1988 – 1990

Le Rassemblement National Logo 1988

The 1988 design was a short-lived simplistic emblem that resembled a tall pyramid, whose right side was red, the left one (a comparably smaller one) was dark blue, and the area between them was white.

1990 – 2012

Le Rassemblement National Logo 1990

They returned to the old flame look in 1990, slightly changing it in the process. It essentially became taller, but they also made the blue colors brighter and lighter in this version. The letters beneath became just plain blue without any borders around them, and the font changed to a more professional, angular bold sans-serif.

2012 – 2018

Le Rassemblement National Logo 2012

The 2012 design was a very minimalistic flame. It was basically two flecks of fire: a blue one on the left and slightly below the right one on the right.

2018 – today

Le Rassemblement National Logo

In 2018, the emblem was added to a larger new logotype, which also included a thin blue ring around the flames and the big name of the party to its immediate right. They wrote it in two lines of simple, professional sans-serif text (both lowercase and uppercase), where the first letter of ‘Rassemblement’ and the entire word ‘National’ were bold. The color was blue for all this characters.

The color blue is somewhat darker in this version.


Le Rassemblement National Emblem

The font for the 2018 design is a rather simple official-looking sans-serif style with overall thin letters except when they are bold – in which case they become almost disproportionally fatter.


Le Rassemblement National Symbol

The main color scheme throughout these logotypes includes the colors of the French flag: blue, red and white. The blue and red, due to their visibility and iconic use, are used with more preference. For instance, the logotype of 2018 doesn’t even feature any white besides some outlining around the flames.