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Bite Back is a UK-based charity focused on shark and marine conservation. Established in 2004 by Graham Buckingham, it aims to combat over-fishing and the over-consumption of wild fish, which it identifies as the main threats to marine life. The organization’s initiatives include educating the public and empowering supporters to alter fish consumption habits. It encourages retailers to prioritize conservation over commerce, with a significant effort towards making British retailers shark-free. This involves campaigns against selling endangered fish species and all shark-derived products in the UK, like shark fin soup, cartilage, jaws, teeth, and oils​​.

Meaning and history

Bite Back Logo history

Bite Back, founded in the UK in 2004 by Graham Buckingham, is a pioneering charity dedicated to shark and marine conservation. Its inception was driven by the alarming threats of over-fishing and the excessive consumption of wild fish, severely impacting marine ecosystems. Bite Back’s mission revolves around raising awareness, educating the public, and driving changes in both consumer behavior and retail practices concerning fish consumption.

Central to its efforts are campaigns aimed at eradicating the sale of endangered fish species and all shark-derived products in the UK, including shark fin soup, cartilage, jaws, teeth, and oils. The charity’s strategy is not just to appeal to the public but also to influence retailers to prioritize conservation over commerce, striving to make British retailers completely shark-free.

Bite Back’s approach is multifaceted, encompassing online campaigns, educational initiatives, and collaboration with other organizations. By focusing on both the supply and demand sides of the marine wildlife trade, Bite Back aims to reduce the profitability of shark products and protect marine biodiversity. The organization has garnered support and recognition for its role in marine conservation, contributing significantly to the global effort to protect sharks and other marine species. Their work highlights the critical need for sustainable practices and responsible consumption to preserve the world’s oceans for future generations.

2019 – 2023

Bite Back Logo 2019

This logo features a bold, circular design dominated by a vibrant red backdrop that signifies passion and urgency. The name “Bite Back” is ingeniously integrated into the shape, with the letters creatively arranged to fill the space, suggesting unity and completeness. Below the organization’s name, the year “2030” is prominently placed, possibly indicating a target year for a significant campaign or goal. The white color of the typography stands out against the red, ensuring high visibility and a strong visual impact. The overall design is contemporary, eye-catching, and carries a sense of mission-specific determination.


Bite Back Logo

The logo cleverly crafts the silhouette of a shark’s head using negative space to outline an open mouth, complete with white teeth and a red tongue. This design choice is a visual pun that represents the charity’s name, “BITE BACK,” in a literal and figurative sense, embodying the organization’s combative stance on marine conservation. The shark head’s profile, poised as if to bite, sends a powerful message of being proactive and assertive in the face of environmental challenges. This design is more literal than the previously described logo, directly incorporating the shark imagery into its identity.

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