Girl Scout Logo

Girl Scout Logo

Girl Scouts is a welfare association, which focuses on providing healthy and secure conditions for women who live in secluded areas, and getting them to work for the society.

Meaning and History logo

Girl Scout Logo history

The logo has been around since 1978, and it has not changed much since that time. It was designed by Saul Bass, a renowned designer. The Girl Scout logo wonderfully combines simplicity with meaning, as it portrays unity, confidence, and sisterhood. Experts regard this logo as one of the most iconic and effective, as it clearly reflects the organization’s goals and purposes. Besides, many confess that the Girl Scouts logo has a great encouraging power.

In 2010, the OCD Agency made a little change: the emblem remained the same, but the deep green color was replaced with light green.

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Shape Girl Scout Logo

The Girl Scout logo is an image of three diagonally aligned silhouetted female faces.


Colors Girl Scout Logo

The emblem comes in two colors – green and white, which portray unity, optimism, sisterhood, kindness, purity, peace, and well-being. It is complemented by the black wordmark. The black symbolizes elegance and integrity.

FontFont Girl Scout Logo

The wordmark is written in a slightly modified Avenir Black typerface.