SCP Logo


SCP is the name of a foundation, established in 2008, and specialized in fictional writing, which is collaborative. The Foundation has members from all over the world and its content became a basis of one of the Remedy Entertainment video games.

Meaning and history

One of the most discussed and intriguing online projects of our time, SCP, stands for The Secure Containment Procedures Foundation, as is widely known for its “Secure. Contain. Protect” iconic arts. The organization dedicated to story-writing about anomalies and creatures that do not exist is one of the contemporary symbols of freedom and self-expression, and its visual identity, which has never been changed, is a graphical reflection of the main Foundation’s principles, along with its philosophy of “being not like anything else”.

The abstract symbol from the SCP Foundation visual identity was created by Far2, and looked pretty much like one of the Adobe symbols, used as a design sample, which made the SCP slightly modify the logo in 2019, to avoid any debates and claims.

SCP Logo

The iconic SCP logo is composed of an outlined circle with three arrows crossing its contour and pointing to the center. The structure is closed in a thin frame, which repeats its silhouette — a circle with three protruding rectangles (around the arrows’ tails). The three arrows stand for “Secure. Contain. Protect”, and the circle symbolizes unity and eternity.

Being a collaborative project, the SCO has several version of its logo execution: the official one, drawn in solid white lines on a white background, which is sometimes accompanied by a bold white monogram on the left, and the secondary version, with its lines slightly erased, executed whether in white and black or red and black color schemes.

Secondary emblem of the SCP can be most often seen on its own, but can also be placed above a capitalized sans-serif “Secure. Contain. Protect” inscription, with its lines stylized in the same “erased” way.

Font and color

SCP Color

The official SCP logo has a bold and modern inscription placed on the left from the iconic logo. The monogram in a futuristic custom typeface has a full “Secure Containment Procedures Foundation” tagline under it. The tagline is written in a traditional sans-serif with clean neat contours of the letters. As for the main SCP inscription, it is written in a type, which is pretty close to ITC Bauhaus Pro Bold with its smooth shapes and rounded angles.

The color palette of the official SCP logo uses only black and white, the combination, evoking a sense of professionalism and authority. When drawn in the red and black palette, the logo starts looking more mysterious and intriguing.