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Esika is the name of a cosmetic label from Colombia, which has a huge variety of products in its portfolio: starting with makeup and perfumes and finishing with personal care and accessories. The company is considered to be one of the market’s leaders in its country and is a part of the Belcorp Group.

Meaning and history

Esika Logo history

Esika even sounds bright, and its visual identity only elevated this sharp edgy, and crispy feeling the brand’s name evokes. Since the very beginning of the company’s history, red color was in its visual identity to represent the passion of the label and its love for the customers. Though the logo changed significantly throughout the years, it still has a playful and fresh mood, which the designer brought to the logo at the beginning of the 2000s.

2003 — 2012

Esika Logo 2003

The Esika emblem, introduced in 2003, was composed of a lowercase wordmark with the first letter placed on a solid red background. The main color of the handwritten inscription was black, and the whole logo was usually placed on a white background, so that made up the strongest and the most elegant color combination — red, black, and white, which stood for beauty, power, and trustworthiness.

2012 — 2019

Esika Logo 2012

The redesign of 2012 simplified the previous version of the logo, redrawing the wordmark in red color and removing the solid square. Now the lettering in a smooth and sleek sans-serif was placed on a white background and had its edges rounded, with the tails of the “K” elongated and curved under the letter “A”.

2019 — Today

Esika logo

In 2019 the inscription changed its typeface to a modern simple and modest one — the letters gained straight cuts and traditional clean lines, while the scarlet-red shade remained the same. The line above the “E” became longer and thinner, looking edgy and cool.

Font and color

The Esika logotype in the lowercase is executed in a simple yet confident and solid sans-serif typeface, which is close to such fonts as Morí Gothic Semi Bold and Goldbill XL Medium. It looks modern and minimalist, yet needs no additional to be eye-catching.

The red shade of the logo represents the brand as a powerful and passionate one and makes the logotype friendly and playful, showing the label’s value of beauty and its warm attitude to the customers.