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Krasnodar is the name of one of the most successful clubs in the Russian Premier League. The relatively young club was established in 2008, and today it is owned by Sergey Galitsky and has Murad Musayev as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Krasnodar logo

Being a very young club, Krasnodar doesn’t have a logo history with many versions and colorful changes. There was only one logo designed for the team by today, but it perfectly reflects the spirit, mood, and unique character of the famous Russian club.

The Krasnodar logo is composed of an intense-green shield with a ribbon on its bottom part. The ribbon contains the team’s name inscription in white cursive, where each letter is outlined in black.

The crest instead is visually divided into two parts — the upper one in solid green with the main club’s symbols, and the bottom part with a rhomboid green and white pattern, and a laurel wreath with is almost unnoticeable.

On the rhomboid segment, which upper side is slightly arched up, there is a black Bull’s silhouette. The symbol of the team represents strength and confidence and shows to the club’s competitors their spirit and determination.

Above the bull, there is a traditional football image surrounded by checkered flags, as a celebration of sports and legacy.